Cycling Safety


My 11th birthday present was a shining new two wheel bicycle. I have been cycling for over sixty years, not for sport or exercise but for leisure. I now select unhilly routes and keep an eye on the wind direction. I can cope with cars and lorries passing me because I mainly use cycle lanes, but what causes me anxiety is being overtaken at double digit miles per hour by Keirining, lycra clad, black goggled sports cyclists. I can hear motorised missiles approaching from the rear but I cannot hear these silent Olympians. As well as computers on their handlebars could I request, through your good pages, they add a bell to warn of their approach. I am sure some enterprising bell manufacturer could design an aerodynamic version that would not impede their speed and rather than the traditional ‘ding ding’ give out a more macho sound in keeping with the sporting image. I do, though, appreciate their comradely wave.


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