Adelaide Happy Hour Hotels….. On a Bike!

Happy Hour BeerWhen my previous employer moved I had to cycle through the Adelaide CBD to get to work. To make this more interesting I let myself have a tipple in the odd bar, pub or hotel.

The rules were:

  • Only one beer in each hotel
  • No more than two hotels in one trip
  • Never repeat a hotel
The nice people at work gave me a book about my exploits:

Mr Pub Crawl

And this was all before I started sharing my whole drinking life onĀ Foursquare!

I mapped my progress and wrote some mini reviews about each bar:

The Bars…

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Mile End Hotel

A working mans pub with pies, dog racing and the Simpsons on TV.

I enjoyed a pint of “Mile End” at the bar.

2009 Nov 26, 12:08AM

The Office Bar & Bistro

A shiny yuppie bar. Lots of suits, laptops and mobile phones.

Saying that, I enjoyed a chat with a patron out on the street side tables.

2009 Nov 26, 12:09AM

Hotel Royal

A modern and boring decor.

2009 Nov 26, 12:10AM

Colonel Light Hotel

A strikingly white bar with a large seated pavement area.

A good place to watch backpackers getting lost as they go from the station to the local hostels.

2009 Nov 26, 12:12AM

The Hampshire Hotel

I didn’t see much of the inside but it looked cozy.

Outside there’s a large open area with tables. Just across from china town makes it a good place to people watch over a beer.

Looked popular.

2009 Nov 26, 12:13AM

Seven Stars Hotel

Nice front bar with some character. Looks like it has quite a few regulars.

A good set of table out front for those sunny evenings.

2009 Nov 26, 12:14AM

Hilton Hotel

myBar: A sports bar, dinning area, lounge, disco and locals bar all in one room.

If you like your alcohol on mass then you can buy beers and cocktails in large tubes.

2009 Nov 26, 12:16AM

Strata Bar

The large POKIES sign on the door almost stopped me going in!

Its a small bar, more like a cafe with a background of pokie music. Not a place for nick, nor me.

2009 Nov 26, 12:17AM

Front Bar (Royal)

Next to the Royal, this bar has more character and more characters.

A sports bar but with a comfortable feel to it.
The Cumberland Arms Hotel
Under renovation when I was there, but still open.

A lot brighter and friendlier than the old dark grungy feel. A lot of potential.

2009 Nov 26, 12:17AM

The Griffins Hotel

My first time here since the renovation and wow, what a change.

I remember a small dark bar and now its a large bright and open bar with a distinct style.

I sat at one of the large windows where I could see a multitude of outside benches and the local square.

Very impressed.

Only down side is no seats at the bar.

2009 Nov 26, 12:18AM

Prince Albert Hotel

A small and friendly pub that seems popular with the locals.

Made better by meeting and old drinking buddy from my first years in Adelaide.

2009 Nov 26, 12:18AM

Havelock Hotel

Another one thats been recently renovated. It must be the season!

They’ve turned it into a funky retro bar full of colours and plastics. I was expecting to see the Jetsons hovering around.

Outside theres plenty of roomy pavement seating and the place is topped of with a grass covered upstairs balcony with a good view.

2009 Nov 26, 11:54PM

The Kings

Used to be a locals pub with a pool table. Now attracts suits in the early evening.

Its not all bad. They sell a verity of SA beers and the built in bench seats outside are a nice place to watch the commuters go home via car, bike tram or foot.

2009 Nov 30, 07:37PM

Worlds End

Students, Backpackers and a host of characters that probably have many a story of escapades and woes.

2009 Nov 30, 07:40PM


Perfect place for sitting outside and watching the world wander past.

2009 Dec 02, 12:23AM

Avenues Tavern

Overloaded with pokies and a nice view of a supermarket car park.

No wonder I never drank here before

2009 Dec 02, 12:27AM

Royal Oak Hotel

When I retire I’ll move in here.

Popular with the older swingers and seems to be very social.

2009 Dec 02, 07:27PM

Hotel Tivoli

This is where all the dressed up yuppies go after work.

I was surprised they let me in with my thongs.

2009 Dec 02, 07:28PM


I came here to watch some friends play and found out they had beer.

Its quite a nice place to have a summer beer and watch others getting fit.

2009 Dec 04, 07:02PMTony said…

The Union

Friday and this place was packed. I had to wait at the bar!

Has a nice long bar you can sit at and socialise. Or you can try out their bed like sofa things.

Mainly full of suits but I don’t feel too out of place in my shorts and thongs

2009 Dec 04, 07:08PMTony said…

Crown & Anchor Hotel

It seems goths can go out into daylight!

Peircings, tattoos and black clothing is not compulsory, but expected here.

As its on my stagger home I’ve been here a few times. It has a casual and sociable atmosphere.

2009 Dec 07, 10:29PMTony said…

Grace Emily Hotel

Hippy, earth lovers or organic vegiterians, the people in this place have character and a need for a hair cut.

I’m not surprised as the place itself is full of memorabilia, items of the world, and general tat. Every time I’m here I see new and entertaining artefacts around the walls.

2009 Dec 07, 10:39PMTony said…

Exeter Hotel

This place has a good bunch of bar flies, and I’ve been one of them a few times. Tends to be good for bar stool conversations.

Not a popular place for suits who probably don’t like the smell of socks from the front bar!

Has some entertaining memorabilia on the wall.

2009 Dec 10, 08:05PMTony said…

Coopers Ale House

Love the spinning fans and an excellent place to watch major sports events.

The street seating was a bit boring though.

2009 Dec 10, 08:12PMTony said…

The Brecknock Hotel

My first lesbian, Asian, Kiwi, Welsh, Irish pub.

Lots of the typical wood and chrome topped with Irish memorabilia. The newish beer garden is interesting but I couldn’t find a seat where I didn’t feel like everyone would be looking at the sad lonely guy, so I sat at the bar!

2009 Dec 10, 08:17PMTony said…

Astor Hotel

I sat at the bar and immediately felt comfortable.

Has a bright and open front bar with a casual crowed chatting away.

2009 Dec 11, 06:57PMTony said…

Metropolitan Hotel

I’ve never noticed this place before.

A bit of a rabbit warren including in inner courtyard.

I had a pleasant beer out the front and watched people milling around the central market.

2009 Dec 11, 07:02PMTony said…

Electric Light Hotel

New owners and just going through refurbishment. Which would explain why its so quiet on a Friday evening.

Will have to see what it turns out like. It has a lot of potential.

I wonder if they will keep the grass topped tables and the throne room!

2009 Dec 12, 07:05PMTony said…

Governor Hindmarsh Hotel

Nice looking pub and good place fore events, but I’ve never jelled with it.

The street construction does not help either.

2009 Dec 12, 07:10PMTony said…

Lion Hotel

Lots of different places and ways t hang out in this bar.

This includes a lot of tables on the street corner where I enjoyed a German beer and their free Internet.

2009 Dec 15, 07:53PMTony said…

Crown & Sceptre Hotel

Funky place with funky people.

Good place to play pool and watch the eclectic customers enjoying a beer or a wine.

2009 Dec 15, 07:54PMTony said…

Directors Hotel

Half hotel half Thai restaurant and it seems to work.

They have some different beers, and I tried one while having a nice chat to a regular about the city bars.

2009 Dec 15, 07:55PMTony said…

The Saracens

Today it was full of lonely regulars. Half way down my pint I was considering suicide.

Besides that, its a nice looking pub and has an original outside table/bar are where you can watch the residents across the road get changed.

2009 Dec 16, 09:43PMTony said…

Rosemont Hotel

Its a sports bar and pokie place, so I’m not surprised I don’t like it.

However I will be there for the world cup.

2009 Dec 16, 09:49PMTony said…

PJO’Brien’s Irish Pub

I was surprised how quiet and mellow this place was, being used to it late at night.

Outsides a good spot will punters walking by and the parklands across the road.

The Guinness was crap.

2009 Dec 17, 07:49PMTony said…

The Marble Bar

A popular happy hour bar so I had to try it.

Not bad but nothing special.

2009 Dec 17, 07:52PMTony said…

The Stag Hotel

Popular place with nice views. And they serve real pints (Imperial)

Excellent spot when events are on in the park (If you can get a seat)

2009 Dec 19, 05:03PMTony said…

Bar on Gouger

I almost cried. This place no longer has its large selection of international beers. Just a few are left in the bank of empty fridges behind the bar.

I had one of the remaining German beers and reminisced about the good old days.

2009 Dec 19, 05:09PMTony said…

Rob Roy Hotel

Friday before Xmas and this place was packed. Outside had reached capacity and the bouncer wouldn’t let me join in. They even had a DJ.

2009 Dec 21, 06:26PMTony said…

The Wakefield Hotel

Clean bright and plain looking pub that attracts suits.

Nice view of the fire station.

2010 Jan 05, 09:07PMTony said…

Botanic Bar

A small bar with fat sofas makes it feel like a smoking lounge.

Add some foreign beers on draft and a good view outside.

I liked it.

2010 Jan 05, 09:08PMTony said…

The Oyster Bar

Nice little bar with a good view. Window seats are a nice touch.

A cold beer, half a dozen natural oysters and a sunny evening by a park….Mmmmm.

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