About Me

What I like…

  • Socialising, Beer, Wine and Dancing.
  • Computer Programming
  • Travelling
  • People watching
  • Independence

What I hate…

  • Watching or talking about Sport.
  • Chocolate with nuts in it.


  • Dancing.
  • Talking rubbish (especially after a few).
  • Single handedly causing the dot com/telecom crash by leaving the industry.
  • Inability to sell anything, in particular cars.
  • Software Development
  • Making jewellery.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

My life…

  • On stage at Butlins.
  • Was born.
  • Did baby things.
  • Was a fast runner until everyone else got tall.
  • Discovered Beer, Girls and Partying.
  • First person to take a Computer based exam in my school
  • Discovered can do Maths and Physics but not much else.
  • Year out working for GPT in Coventry. Placements, courses and a great social group.
  • Degree (Hons) in Electrical & Computer Engineering as Birmingham University. Side degree in socialising and photo copying.
  • Sent back to Coventry to program TCP/IP stuff (the foundation of the internet).
  • Moved to Maidenhead to work for Nortel on GSM Mobile Phone Exchanges.
  • Bought a House and became a slum lord.
  • Transferred to Dallas Texas to develop the next generation of GSM Exchange and supporting software.
  • Packed my bags and travelled the world for a few years.
  • Landed in Adelaide, Australia and got a job with Motown developing Grunt, ecommerce websites and windows applications.
  • Started my own Business